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NP Jewelers is dedicated to offering striking diamonds, jewelry, and watches to give as gifts that can be passed down for generations to come. Our remarkable customer service, exceptional values, and wide inventory sets us apart from other family jewelers. Originally named Pergjoni Jewelers, we were founded in 1985 in Croatia, Eastern Europe.

For years, we provided phenomenal service to the old city of Dubrovnik until the Yugoslav Wars caused catastrophe for the Balkan region. In 1993, the Croatian War of Independence forced us out of the country. Fortunately, we were able to create a new home in America. For almost a decade, we were the sole master goldsmiths for Josè Grants, located just up the street in Stamford.

At NP Jewelers, you will always be greeted with familiar faces. Nick Pergjoni, owner and master jeweler, is here to customize any piece you envision.

Brother, Ambroze Pergjoni, is a goldsmith along with owner and founder of Puzzle Rings Creations, a line of fine Sterling Silver/Gold Puzzle rings that can be made with up to 18 bands.

Margarita Berisha, sister and husband Alex Berisha are also part of our team. Margarita, a goldsmith, specializes in diamond setting where Alex, a goldsmith, will do all engraving repairs, along with any laser soldering, which is needed to fix older pieces and costume jewelry.

Our old world charm combined with modern technology will create a very enjoyable shopping experience. With advancements in CAD (Computer Animated Designs) we have the ability to create any piece, either from scratch or using any sentimental pieces you bring in. Our goldsmiths are knowledgeable and productive so repairs are all done on site, with quick turn around time.

Whatever the occasion or jewelry repair, our dedicated staff is excited to assist you.

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